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Our Philosophy

We believe Good Health Support should be available for one and all, so our prices reflect our Philosophy of Caring for all within our capabilities. Cost should never exclude anyone from receiving what they need, so we've made our Colloidal Silver price options as low as is feasible.​


Within the Trade Laws of He Wakaputanga 1835 (Declaration of Independence) we are also open to offers of Trade. Please contact us to discuss.

Concentration Options:

  • 16 ppm is a lower concentration that's still within best efficacy range. It may be better suited to the palate of children or adults who prefer a weaker taste.

  • ​20 ppm is the strength preferred by most in the industry as the ideal strength shown for best efficacy is between 15 - 30 ppm. (Silver has a saturation point of 25 ppm meaning that it won't hold its suspension indefinitely above this).

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