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A Journey of Healing

In 2020, our family nearly lost  a loving father, husband, son, brother, and friend, at just 34 years young. After 9 weeks of sudden and rapid deterioration, we could see he didn't have long left with us (think 1-2 weeks if that!), and yet no one could even find what was wrong. But thankfully fate had it that we did, and the prescription to Nebulize Colloidal Silver, gave us the miracle we had desperately been seeking.

Thankfully we already had both a nebulizer, and colloidal silver on hand! We just didn't know to put the two together!!

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An immediate improvement in breathing, a heart that stopped hurting within 2 days, lungs pain-free within 5, and blackouts over. We leapt into researching the miracle that is Colloidal Silver.

We soon invested in the ability to generate our own High Quality Ionic Colloidal Silver, and every batch is still as exciting as the first, thanks to the incredible healing wonder that each holds.

Friends, Family and People everywhere were sharing their desire to enjoy this spectacular Solution, and so production ramped up. After a time we decided we wanted to share our healing product with the wider community, and thus we bring you  

 Silver Cures! 

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