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  • What is Colloidal Silver?
    Colloidal Silver is an umbrella term covering many different types of liquid antimicrobial silver products, though is mostly used in reference to Ionic Colloidal Silver. The Basics: A 'colloid' is a particle suspended in a solution A silver 'ion' is a Silver Atom that's lost an electron and therefore positively charged. It is the smallest silver component possible. A silver nanoparticle is a cluster of a few silver atoms. As an example, a silver nanoparticle of about 1nm (nanometre) in diameter may contain about 50 atoms of silver.
  • How does Colloidal Silver work?
    Silver, effective against most negative gram and positive gram bacteria, is a powerful carrier of oxygen, and attaches to and penetrates the cell walls of single celled pathogens by releasing an oxygen "burst" when it gets near them. This disables the cells' Oxygen Metabolism Enzyme (it's chemical lung), which it uses for respiration and metabolism. From there, any silver particles that are absorbed into the cell via the damaged wall, attach themselves to the DNA of the pathogen and prevent it from replicating. This halts the spread of any infection. Within a few minutes, the pathogen suffocates and dies and is cleared out of the body by the immune, lymphatic and elimination systems. Colloidal Silver does not destroy beneficial enzymes and leaves these tissue-cell enzymes intact as they are radically different from the enzymes of primitive single-celled life. There is also new research out of Hebrew University in Jerusalem that shows that pathogens killed by the silver, also leach the silver particles into the rest of the colony thereby starting a chain reaction that proceeds to wipe out the colony. The efficacy of a colloidal silver solution depends on several factors including the size, shape, quantity and charge of the silver particles.
  • How long does Colloidal Silver last?
    There's no specific expiry date for Colloidal Silver, although it is recommended that fresh is best. Good quality ICS (Ionic Colloidal Silver) can technically last indefinitely as long as it's stored at ambient temperature, and away from sunlight, electronics and magnetic influences (such as fridge, phone, microwave etc) and in an appropriate vessel such as glass. Signs that a solution is losing potency include "fall-out" which is when silt made of Silver Oxide can be seen resting on the bottom of the vessel. It is still safe to consume within usual dosage guidelines, and will still be highly effective for many many years to come. A simple test to see if there are still silver colloids in suspension would be to allow a small sample to settle for a few minutes in a clear glass, and then shine a laser through. You should see a beam refracting the silver particles like starlight in the solution. This is known as the Tyndall Effect.
  • What's the difference between Ionic Colloidal Silver and Colloidal Silver?
    Colloidal Silver is an umbrella term for a variety of different liquid antimicrobial silver products, though is used mostly in reference to Ionic Colloidal Silver which is the number one most used solution worldwide. Ionic Colloidal Silver (containing both silver ions and silver colloids) is approximately 85% Ionic, and 15% Colloidal.
  • Does Colloidal Silver need to be in glass, or is plastic okay?
    Plastic is generally unsuitable for CS because it picks up static charge from its surroundings. This charge draws the electrically suspended Silver Ions towards the container sides and neutralises them, whereby they lose potency and the colloidal silver solution is increasingly less effective. An exception to the plastic storage rule is non-reactive medical grade plastic bottles. Silver Cures uses UV proof glass bottles - glass does not pick up electrical charges and is the most suitable option for storage and sustainability. Please use a glass, ceramic, wooden or plastic measuring utensil when pouring dosages as metal will rapidly draw charge away from the Silver Ions. A shot glass or small cup is best.
  • Does Colloidal Silver have any side effects?
    When taken as directed, side effects from properly made colloidal silver are extremely rare. All bodies are different and it is always important to be in tune with your body and how it responds to different things - including different drinking waters! The most common concern people have is about Argyria ("Will it turn me blue?"). There have been about 300 cases of Argyria recorded in history, and all of them except about 3, are recorded as having extremely excessive amounts of Colloidal Silver Protein (key word - protein) over a long period of time. Most of them worked in silver mines or were subjected to high levels of Colloidal Silver Nitrates. Argyria is a condition in which the skin turns a bluish grey. Those who consumed a litre of Silver Protein (impure CS with additives or contaminants) daily or bathed in litres regularly for several years found they developed Argyria. Why they continued once their nail tips and gums showed the first signs of colour change is something to be considered. Argyria is a purely cosmetic condition. In fact - you're more likely to turn orange from eating too many carrots than you are to turn blue from ingestion of properly made Ionic Colloidal Silver such as Silver Cures'! Your Colloidal Silver ingredients should have only the purest water (NEVER tap water!!) and at minimum 99.9% silver purity. Any other ingredients create Colloidal Silver Proteins and it is overconsumption of these that can cause Argyria.
  • Can you be allergic to Silver?
    Silver Allergy is extremely rare. Occasionally you may hear of "Silver Allergy", but this is usually a Nickel allergy, and occasionally a copper allergy.
  • What does PPM mean? Why do you have different strengths?
    PPM means Parts Per Million. It is the concentration/strength/total amount of both Ions and Colloids within a solution. A CS solution with 20ppm = 20mg of silver content per litre of water. This is the same as 20mg per 1,000,000mg of water. As a standard practise we make our batches at 2 different strengths: 16 ppm for those who prefer a weaker solution that's still in the range of best efficacy (may be more preferable for children and some adults who can find the taste a bit strong) 20ppm which is our preferred concentration based on the industry, our research and experience which has shown between 15 - 30 ppm is best for absorption efficacy. We are also able to generate to order from 12 ppm up if requested. We do NOT recommend ingestion of above 30 ppm as the particle sizes start getting much larger and therefore less effective internally.
  • Is this available in other strengths?
    We can generate other concentrations for you from 12 ppm and above. Depending on what you want it for, determines what the best concentration would be for your needs. For internal efficacy, within 15 - 30 ppm is the best range, however Silver has a saturation point of 25 ppm so above that it will not hold its suspension indefinitely. Our standard 500ml bottles are generated to 2 main strengths of 16 ppm and 20 ppm to stay within that range. The 16 ppm is available for those who find the 20 ppm a little strong for their palate.
  • Can you add Afterpay?
    We have after pay available through our Trade Me store. Please see our listings by clicking here. If you have a custom order you would like to request, please email your desired order details and we will do our best to fulfil your wishes. Custom orders can also be listed on Trade Me, the link shared with you directly, and purchase options include after pay.
  • Is this the same as Nanosilver?
    Colloidal Silver is an umbrella term most commonly used in reference to "Ionic Colloidal Silver" (ICS), which is approximately 85% Ionic silver, and 15% colloidal silver. All silver Ions are 0.129nm, and Nanosilver is bare metal Silver particles that average less than 100 nanometres in size in a Colloidal Suspension. Silver Cures' ICS colloidal particles are between 5 - 132nm which is considered very fine. Typically in our batches 90% of the particles are under 100nm. This is the nanosilver content.
  • What are the different types of Colloidal Silver?
    Ionic Silver - extremely small, positively charged atoms or molecules of silver in a colloidal suspension. All silver ions measure 0.129 nanometres (nm) in size. ​ Metallic Silver - Bare metal silver particles averaging 100nm or larger, in a colloidal suspension. ​ Mild Silver Protein - Bare metal particles of silver complexed with denatured protein such as casein, in a colloidal suspension. ​ Nanosilver - Bare metal particles averaging less than 100nm in size, in a colloidal suspension. ​ Silver Citrate - Ionic Silver complexed with Citric Acid, in a colloidal suspension. All of these types are Colloidal Silver solutions, however they all work differently in the body. Ionic Colloidal Silver is the most commonly used product and is a mixture of both Silver Ions and Silver Colloids.
  • Is Colloidal Silver safe for animals too?
    Absolutely! It can be used safely with cats, dogs, horses, sheep, even fish and frogs! Add a splash to your animal family members' water bowls (ensure bowls are NOT metal though! preferably not plastic either) for daily immune support, to fish or frog tanks to keep them healthy or to help reverse ailment (you can even spray your frogs directly if you're worried something is 'off' about these sensitive little ones), or spray on your chickens wounds to help them bounce back to good health. Internally and topically, Silver Cures' ICS is very helpful in maintaining and supporting your beloved animals' well-being.
  • Does particle size, cluster size and concentration of a Colloidal Silver solution matter?
    Yes. It is important to note that not all Ionic Colloidal Silvers are the same. Particle size, cluster size, and silver concentration all make a difference. Particle size matters. Imagine swallowing a pure silver coin - it will only be able to clear the pathogens that it comes into contact with as it passes through the digestive system. Now imagine that same coin dispersed into billions of particles and you then swallow those billions of individual nanoparticles - this is where the real magic happens as the nanoparticles and ions are absorbed all throughout your body. Cluster sizes also effect the body's ability to absorb the silver nanoparticles. The larger the clusters, the lower the absorption, the less effective the solution will be. Concentration matters too. And stronger isn't always better. Our research shows that the best concentration for internal efficacy is between 15 - 30 ppm. Above 30 ppm, particle size and cluster sizes start to get larger and as a result less absorbable by the body. Ionic Colloidal Silver (which is what most colloidal silvers are) is approximately 85% ionic, and 15% colloids (particles). A Silver ion is a Silver Atom that's lost an electron. ALL silver ions are the same size (0.129nm) and the smallest Silver component possible. Silver Cures' ICS particles are between 5 - 132nm which is considered very fine, and typically in our batches 90% of the particles are under 100nm.
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