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Grab yourself the full range for full cover!


The Fab Four includes:

  • Colloidal Silver 500ml - choose 16 or 20 ppm, and 1 or 2 bottles
  • Mist Spray 100ml - 20ppm
  • Nasal Spray 50ml - 20 ppm
  • Drops 30ml - 20ppm


Choosing the Fab Four Set not only saves you $, it also gives you easy access to the 4 main methods used by people when they are ailing and need support or relief.


Sinus issues? - Relieve with the nasal spray.

Itchy skin, hayfever, burned yourself, open wound? - Mist will soothe it.

Ear infection, dry or irritated eyes? - Get it sorted with a few drops.

For cold, flu, oral infection and bad breath, digestive issues, immune support, sore throats, UTI's? - 500ml solution has got your back.


And this is just a snippet of the many ways colloidal silver can help. 


It is fabulous for nearly all conditions, and considered by many a must have for all homes. Wonderful for Human, Animal, and Plant alike. Antibacterial, antiviral, antimicrobial, antifungal, anti-inflammatory and healing.






Concentration Options:

  • 16 ppm is a lower concentration that's still within best efficacy range. It may be better suited to the palate of children or adults who prefer a weaker taste.


  • 20 ppm is the strength preferred by most in the industry as the ideal strength is between 15 - 30 ppm (and silvers saturation point is 25ppm meaning it won't hold its suspension indefinitely above this).

Silver Cures Fab Four

$67.00 Regular Price
$60.00Sale Price
  • Keep out of direct sunlight, and away from electrical equipment. DO NOT REFRIGERATE. Store at room temperature. Use plastic, glass, ceramic or wood to serve as metal will affect the electrical charge.

  • Fabulous for a myriad of conditions. Natural, Safe, Odourless. Antibacterial, antiviral, antimicrobial, antifungal, anti-inflammatory and healing. Wonderful for Human, Animal, and Plant alike.


    COLLOIDAL SILVER 500ml: Safe to be taken daily as an immune support, or use at first signs of illness.


    Dosage: "How long is a piece of string?" Colloidal Silver is safe to consume in many varying amounts (within reason), but the following is a useful guide:

    Colds/Flu, Pneumonia, Respiratory Infections, Viruses, Sore Throats, Mouth Ulcers, Urinary Tract and Yeast Infections, Hayfever/Rhinitis/Sinusitis, Stomach Bugs, Water Purifier and much more

    At first signs of ailment: ADULTS: Take approximately 20 - 50ml (a mouthful) in the morning, and repeat 3 - 6 times daily. Swirl around mouth and gargle for 30 - 60 seconds for best absorption before swallowing. CHILDREN: Approximately 5 - 15ml, repeating 3 - 6 times daily. Swish, swirl and gargle for 30 - 60 seconds before swallowing. Best taken undiluted for maximum efficacy, so avoid drinking water for at least 10 minutes either side if possible, but also ensure that plenty of water is consumed over the day to help flush out toxins.


    Nebulisation Colloidal Silver is safe to nebulise, and is a highly effective and fast way to provide support for the body against respiratory ailment. Nebulise undiluted 3 - 4 times daily. It can also be added to diffusers.


    Maintenance 10 - 20ml (approximately a mouthful) in morning and/or at night.


    MIST SPRAY 100ml: Our most versatile option!


    Acne/Dandruff/Psoriasis/Eczema, Athletes Foot/Body and Breath Odours, Facial Toner, Fungal Infections, Hayfever/Seasonal Allergies, Bites/Stings/Cuts/Grazes/Rashes, Burns, Thrush, Waxing or Shaving aftercare, and more. Great for animal wounds too.

    Spray the affected area as required. Safe to spray internally and in eyes. Great for relieving itchy faces affected by allergens. For many conditions the Spray will work best in conjunction with ingesting and nebulising to help heal the body from the inside out.


    NASAL SPRAY 50ml: A comfortable size for handbag, backpack or glovebox.


    Hayfever/Rhinitis/Sinusitis, Runny or Blocked Nose, Itchy Nasal Cavity

    Squirt 3 - 5 times into nasal cavity as required. Sniff to the top/back of nasal passage to allow the Colloidal Silver to reach into your sinuses and help cleanse and clear. Can be repeated several times daily as needed.


    DROPS 30ml: Handy size for your pocket!


    Itchy Eyes/Ears/Nasal Cavity, Eye/Ear Infection, Bites/Stings/Cuts, Hayfever/Rhinitis/Sinusitis, and more

    Use 1 - 2 drops for irritated Eyes, Ears and Nasal Cavity as required. May also be applied to the white gauze of band-aids to hasten healing and prevent possible infection.

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