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Combining Nature with Science, our Nasal Spray is Scientifically Formulated using only the purest Natural Ingredients for safe and fast Nasal Relief

Breathe Better

Feel Clearer


Silver is a powerful carrier of oxygen and when it nears the cell walls of single celled pathogens, releases an oxygen "burst" which penetrates the cell wall. This disables the cells' Oxygen Metabolism Enzyme which it uses for respiration and metabolism. From there, silver particles enter the damaged cell and attach to the DNA of the pathogen thereby preventing its replication. 

Enjoy relief from irritated nasal passages using this scientifically formulated 20ppm Nasal Spray.

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Freshen Nasal Passages by Cleansing them of Irritants and Pollutants

Image by Radu Florin


Reduce Sinus Pressure by thinning mucus in the Nasal Pathways

Image by Arun Sharma


Improved Breathing through Clearer Passages


I've been using Silver Cures Nasal Spray as needed for allergies and nasal congestion with huge success, two applications about 10mins apart is usually all I need to clear the worst of allergies! I get quite severe histamine reactions to most animal hair, dust and pollen, so this nasal spray has been an amazing tool to improve my everyday life. I highly recommend all of the Silver Cures range, for quality and effectiveness! Thank you so much!

Try for yourself and put an end to your Sinus Struggles

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