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Soothe pesky skin issues in Seconds with Silver Cures' Mist.
Scientifically Formulated using only the Best Natural Ingredients for safe use by all.





Ever wondered where the phrase "Silver Bullet" comes from? Silver has been used for thousands of years for healing, and in food and liquid preservation. The "Father of Medicine" Hippocrates described in his medical texts how Silver had beneficial healing and infection fighting properties, praising its use for wound healing and tissue repair.

Silver with its ability to penetrate and destroy over 650 pathogens, as well as its high conductivity, makes for a powerful antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal solution for wounds. When applied topically, it reduces pain and irritation, staves off infection, and helps speed up the healing process greatly.

This highly versatile Mist spray is an excellent healing support for all topical ailments and is also safe in eyes and internally. A significant area can be targeted at once and due to its wide dispersion of silver nanoparticles and ions, healing coverage is greater.

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Sanitise wounds
prevent infection
Accelerate Healing
Soothe painful
skin conditions
Safe for eyes, ears, nose, mouth


"I first was introduced to colloidal silver last year. I have always had major allergies and really bad hayfever. I was advised I could take it to soothe my hayfever. I sprayed my eyes every morning. I have not had any symptoms of hayfever since. I have not sprayed in my eyes for 2 weeks now and still have no symptoms. I also spray in my mouth for sore throat and used when my tooth was extracted. I had a pretty bad abscess and realized that when I sprayed the silver in that affected area that it fought the bacteria and I came right without antibiotics. I 100% believe in this product and hope that more people are introduced and share the healing benefits.

Ngā mihi ki a koe Ana.

You have changed my life."

Try for Yourself and enjoy the Relief this wonder of Nature and Science offers

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