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Library of Information on Colloidal Silver

What is the best strength to take?

 In our research, experience and gathering of anecdotal reports, between 15 - 25 ppm   proves to be the best strength. The following is a link for MesoSilver, one of the worlds   top renowned CS products.

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History of Colloidal Silver

Is CS safe to use?

Pure Colloidal Silver is completely safe to use, and does not harm the body or good microbes. All reports of argyria (blue skin) are as a result of excessive consumption (litres every day for several years on end) of Colloidal Silver majority with proteins (additives or contaminants). There are only about 120 medically documented cases of argyria in the last 50+ years, out of the countless tens of millions of people who use colloidal silver regularly.

Going beyond that, Silver has been used for over 6000 years to prevent microbial infections. From dropping a silver coin in water to kill any pathogens, or in milk or wine to preserve it, to applying the metal to open wounds, to silver kitchenware that protected the wealthy from the brunt of the bubonic plague.

Silver in history:

For just about any question you may have on Colloidal Silver this is an excellent resource to​ search, with over 700 articles and consistently growing. Use the search bar on the site to find your topic of choice!

Ions, or particles?

In an anerobic chamber the ions prove to be the Silver Cure as evidenced by the link below.

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